Teach, Show, Do and Review

15 Sep Teach, Show, Do and Review

Lindsey Moon-Lenggenhager, Senior Manager of Learning and Development

Our mission at Flix Brewhouse is to be the gold-standard entertainment experience in every community we serve. Achieving this lofty ideal is a constant and on-going focus of the Flix Brewhouse Learning and Development department. With the dynamic growth that Flix Brewhouse is experiencing, it is pivotal to the future success of our company that we select, train, retain and promote the right people. Achieving excellence through our people requires a firm commitment to well-defined guest-first principles and continual coaching of positive behaviors to achieve the desired results.

The first step in the process is selection. Utilizing Go-Hire software and the candidate assessment tools the system provides, allows us a glimpse into the aptitude, character and potential of future team members. We spend a lot of time carefully evaluating future Flix team member profiles, skills and potential for growth.

Once selected and on-boarded, the next step is to indoctrinate, train and promote, which is an all-encompassing and wide-ranging effort. To achieve this, we have implemented a progressive, web based classroom platform with an instantly familiar interface, similar to Facebook called Schoox. This system allows us to benchmark processes and training, deliver messaging as well as cultural enrichment, and ultimately allows us to monitor the progress of our team members as they navigate through the learning environment. Schoox has been essential in our efforts to engage our teams and to enhance communication company-wide.

Schoox Learning Platform

Schoox learning platform

The Schoox program is designed to deliver on “Teach, Show, Do and Review” elements that connect with learners in varying ways to achieve results. Time-bound development paths at all levels give administrators the tools necessary to assess the success of our learning programs and allow for continuous improvement. The Schoox platform supports a personal profile for all team members as well, and there’s a “wall” everyone can post to. We utilize the group feature to share specific information relevant to the individuals, adding some fun and personality to the program by highlighting the individualism of our team members, which further enhances the culture of Flix.

The culmination of all our platform learning is on-the-job training. Our new team members jump into action with a certified trainer, exposing them first-hand to the job and allowing them to apply their knowledge-base to the position. Team Members shadow a certified trainer and truly experience how our operation model works. Classroom and E-learning is applied in real time and is the final benchmark to achieving success in the program. Gaining knowledge and a clear understanding of the skill set required to be a successful Flix Brewhouse team member is paramount to the success of our learning and development programs.


Example Award Badge

In addition to training and teaching, it is also vital that we promote. Within the program we have developed a team member recognition program allowing us to customize badges, reward learning, behaviors, achievement and to advance our Flix Brewhouse culture in a positive and reinforcing way. Rewarding our team members for doing the right thing, connecting administrators and managers to the team and ultimately creating a learning environment that delivers praise to our teams, is the cultural essence of this company.

We are continuously analyzing the program and strategizing new initiatives to deliver even better results. As our team members gain practical experience and management evaluates their growth, we utilize that feedback to create efficiencies and to shorten the time needed for a new team member to become fully productive, in keeping with the high standards that we have set for ourselves. Our ultimate goal is to empower through knowledge and hands-on training, and to reinforce success by ensuring that our new team members have every opportunity to demonstrate their talents to our guests.

With our company on track to double in size by the end of 2017, we are striving to streamline operational systems, reduce complexity, increase efficiency and maximize guest happiness. We recognize that we’ll never achieve this objective without understanding that our team members are our number one asset, and in order to deliver on our brand promise, we must invest in them and recognize our team members as the individuals that they are.

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