foodbannerWe prepare our food to be flavor-forward, eclectic, value-priced, aligned with guests’ expectations of food appropriate for movie-going, and easy to eat in a darkened theater (where noise would potentially negatively affect neighbors’ movie viewing experience). We also use fresh, regional produce and herbs broadly across the menu. Of course, we always strive to make foods that will pair with and even enhance our high quality house-brewed beers.
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Our appetizers include comfort items matched with house-made ingredients and sauces. Our pizzas are made from our natural levain dough, hand-tossed crusts with in-house made cheese blends. They reflect time-tested standards and some more eclectic offerings. Our sandwiches and burgers are also quite popular. Great salads are a particular focus of our Head Chef and we make all our own vinaigrettes in house. For entrees, we try to keep the necessity of “knife-and-forking” to a minimum. Our desserts are rich and satisfying.

Regardless of what food our guests order, our expectation is they leave Flix delighted and satisfied.