The Concept

El Paso Exterior Prototype 1

Flix Brewhouse is the world’s only first run cinema-eatery-microbrewery. As America’s Cinema Brewery, Flix Brewhouse combines the latest Hollywood productions, exceptional custom crafted beer and delicious food – all served “in theater,” on an a la carte basis, allowing the experience to be customized. The genesis of the Flix concept stems directly from consumer demand for a better, more value oriented way to watch a movie.


Designed from the inside out to deliver a premium viewing and dining experience at an affordable price, Flix Brewhouse addresses the’ primary concern of moviegoers everywhere – the rising cost of admissions and concessions and the typically poor value realized at the conventional multiplex. The original Flix Brewhouse location in Round Rock, Texas has been in operation since July 2011. Our second location in Des Moines, Iowa opened on December 17, 2014 and our third location in Carmel, Indiana opened in April 2015.