No Analogies Required

26 Mar No Analogies Required

By: Matt Silvers, Senior Vice President Real Estate and Brand Development

Since the inception of this newsletter, I’ve used a range of analogies to describe where we are or where we are headed as a company. Boats, mountains, the Force, inflection points; the list goes on. In this quarter’s newsletter, no analogies are required to describe the progress here at Flix. Strong results generally speak for themselves and 2016 was an excellent year for us in so many ways. Although we significantly grew revenue and drove an ever-larger percentage of it to the bottom line, it is our growth as a company that is so rewarding. There is a certain maturity that we have gained over the last year that reinforces our collective believe in all the plans we’ve made to achieve our originally established goals . Below, you’ll read a bit about some of these plans, and also our growth as a brand.


Naturally, real estate underpins our physical growth and expansion. Several years of promotion, evaluation and maneuvering Flix into the best possible position to control new opportunities in various, highly-targeted cities has generated an enviable pipeline of deals. We are now primed to pounce, and have numerous prospective Flix Brewhouse locations lined up on the tarmac. In addition to the construction progress we are making with our Little Elm, Texas, Chandler, Arizona and Madison, Wisconsin locations, we recently optioned a prime piece of land in San Antonio suitable for a new Flix Brewhouse, subject to due diligence and financing. And there’s an awful lot more to come.

So read on and stay tuned as we roll out the best combo of movies, food and beer to thousands of future Flix Brewhouse guests.

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