16 Mar Internal Marketing

Greg Johnson, Director of Sales and Marketing

One of the challenges Flix Brewhouse has faced since the inception of the company is turnover among hourly team members. The Flix concept attracts all kinds of young people to join in our mission to create and share happiness with our guests. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that?


The unfortunate reality is when young team members climb on board, Flix is often a step along their journey and not necessarily their destination. When we know we are dealing with so many young adults under the age of 25, it should be expected that there will be a certain degree of turnover related to career changes, going away to college, etc.

Since the cost of replacing and training a new team member is so high, it makes sense for us to try to find ways to retain the people who can be retained long term, as well as finding ways to chum the waters in the workforce community to continue to recruit when we do find the need to replace a team member. As all three active Flix Brewhouse units have exceeded their top-line revenue goals YTD, the marketing team has been able to shift some additional effort and resources into bolstering internal marketing efforts to help with team member retention and culture building within the four walls of our physical locations.

This March, we are excited to introduce a recognition program that is the result of a joint effort between the marketing team and Katie Baker, Flix’s Manager of Talent and Cultural Enrichment. Team members will have the ability to earn physical recognition pins to adorn their nametags and uniform to show achievements and record historical events within the Flix universe. These pins will help memorialize events like work anniversaries, Culinarian and Cicerone of the Year awards, as well as our Walty Award winners and Team Member of the Month.

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In addition, we have created some film specific recognitions for recognizing behaviors during large opening weekend events when our teams in the trenches often “earn their stripes” and deliver superior levels of happiness to our guests during peak seasons. While all of these items will be tools for General Managers to deploy within their respective units, we have also created a subset of pins that the corporate team can deploy when we see superlative behavior that we want to reinforce.

While this program is just one of a few initiatives we are helping deploy, we believe as we continue to assist in building the culture within each location, when retention of great team members increases, so does guest satisfaction. If guest satisfaction remains high, increased team member happiness and enhanced revenue will surely follow.


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