Creating and Sharing Happiness

26 Mar Creating and Sharing Happiness

By: Katie Baker, Manager of Talent Acquisition & Cultural Enrichment

Much like team member engagement, manager engagement is just as important. We count on our unit-level leadership teams to not only inspire each other but to create an inclusive environment for our team members to thrive as well. Fully engaged managers are more productive, influential and have a sense of purpose both on and off of the clock.


In early 2017, the Flix Brewhouse Operations Support Team launched its first team member and manager surveys intended to delve into current levels of engagement companywide. Questions ranged from demographic information to their workplace experience, as well as incentives and rewards. Through analyzing the data and reading individual responses, our team learned that Flix Brewhouse internal promoters significantly outnumber detractors. This is good news, however we still have quite a ways to go to become as successful as some of the top entertainment brands like Disney and other top rankers on Forbes global list of Most Powerful Brands in 2016 or Fortune’s Best Places to Work.

While Flix Brewhouse might not ever make it onto anyone’s global list, it does not mean that we cannot learn from the most successful enterprises and apply their successful methods to our own organization. For instance, the book Inside the Magic Kingdom by Tom Connellan teaches us that not only do all details matter, but so do all of our team members— and even the smallest amount of disengagement can have a profound effect on the entire organization. This means in the coming days, months (and years) that we have an obligation to our people and our brand to convert detractors into promoters. The Operations Support Team plans to work side by side with each unit to strategize and set appropriate goals for achieving higher levels of engagement. One noticeable change will come with our Team Member of the Month Program, which is being revamped as this newsletter is released. I won’t give away too much detail but the revamped program will allow additional and rather meaningful input for those chosen for the award.

Remember, fully engaged team members and managers are happy. Our steadfast purpose is to “Create and share happiness through GREAT people.”

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