Crafting “Flixperience”

02 Apr Crafting “Flixperience”

Summer Hasan, Marketing Manager

Hello from Round Rock! For those of you who haven’t met me before, I’m Summer Hasan, the new Marketing Manager for Flix! I’m not actually new per se. My career with Flix Brewhouse began in July of 2015 as the company’s first “Brand Ambassador,” which was a rebranding of the company’s old “Sales Manager” role which felt like a stiff and joyless definition of my responsibilities. As we grew, I took on event sales at multiple units and operated as Flix’s Regional Brand Ambassador.

As a Brand Ambassador, my purpose (besides bringing in additional revenue during off-peak times) was to create and execute memorable events for our private events guests blending impeccable service and of course our incredible venue! Sometimes I feel like it’s easy to forget just how cool we are – we’re a freakin’ cinema and a legit craft brewery! I genuinely don’t think there’s another concept out there that I can so passionately support, which is likely why I succeeded at event sales.

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After spending two and a half years successfully building group sales and selling the Flix experience (or “Flixperience”), I was asked to be a full-time contributor to our corporate support team in Round Rock. Ready for a change in scenery and weather, just after the holidays new hubby and I packed up our lives in Indiana and made the long journey down to Texas… in a U-Haul that never exceeded 60 miles per hour.

Now that I’m here (finally!), my primary focus is on experiential marketing initiatives such as our Flix Fan Fests and Thursday Night Premiere parties. Since the beginning of 2018, we’ve increased our focus on the overall movie going experience at Flix Brewhouse. For example, we threw a wedding reception for Christian and Anastasia Gray (of 50 Shades of Grey fame), got groovy with a Jack Rabbit Slims Twist Contest and even offered a Marty McFried Spicy Chicken Sandwich just for our Fan Fest guests. A special shout out goes to our Des Moines location which sold 117 Double Royale with Cheeses during our Pulp Fiction Fan Fest last month!

We’re creating social currency with each special element, which is something worth talking about. From a one-of-a-kind ‘Save the Clock Tower’ sticker that becomes a conversation starter, to the souvenir ticket that serves as a reminder to check out future Flix Picks, we’re distributing subtle triggers for guests to share their experiences and to become evangelists for our brand.


A souvenir, however, only holds so much weight. What good is a trigger if the experience is not remarkable? We’ve found ourselves in need of talented, Flix-loving team members at each theater who can bring these events to life: our Marketing Troopers. They’ve been recruited specifically because of their charisma and demonstrated passion for Flix. Whether it’s something as elaborate as dressing up like Doc Brown or as simple as having someone available to snap a photo with our custom backdrop, these nuanced opportunities don’t go unnoticed by our guests. As “Chief Trooper,” I’m excited to watch this program evolve and to see how the Troopers work with us to cultivate our guest experience. I also hope to learn from them and to collaborate with them on our Schoox e-learning platform. Not only do I expect our group events to improve from this process, but I also see the trooper program as a way to connect our ever-expanding company by sharing photos, feedback and happiness experiences with fellow team members across the country.

With the support of our units in combination with our amazing creative content team, we have all the necessary tools to generate many remarkable Flixperiences. With a dose of Hoosier hospitality and some newfound southern charm, I’m cooking up quite the recipe to bring these pieces together as our company grows. Stay tuned for results!

  • Harry Neumayer
    Posted at 21:38h, 03 April Reply

    Summer, keep the ideas flowing! can’t wait to meet you and hear more ideas. Harry

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