Behind the Curtain: The Theater Service Tech

17 Jan Behind the Curtain: The Theater Service Tech

Victor Talavera, Engineering Services Manager

As with all movie productions, the magic of the film does not just come from the people in front of the camera but also from the people working behind the scenes. Each person plays such a crucial part in the production of the film that if one of them was to be removed it would drastically affect the quality of the film. At Flix Brewhouse, we have many people who play a part “in front of the camera” and we have just as many people behind the scenes, but there is one person who remains out of sight and without them, quite literally, the whole show might just fall apart. That person is our Theater Services Technician, or TST.

Left to Right: Albert Burrola, Steven Falls, Laura Coval, Elliott Farrell

Left to Right: Albert Burrola, Steven Falls, Laura Coval, Elliott Farrell

A TST is Flix Brewhouse’s “go to” fix-it-all, IT, A/V and projectionist guru. Wizards of Flix, they are the people behind the curtain, working diligently to keep the many mechanics of a Flix Brewhouse unit operational. TSTs are responsible for maintaining the projection systems and for ensuring that the quality of our theater presentation is optimal for Flix guests. They are also responsible for meeting the A/V needs of any and all events booked or held at their Flix Brewhouse, keep all equipment in the heart of the house operational and help maintain the function and proper operations of all POS-related devices. The job of a Flix TST is truly multi-functional, however, in that they also expected to physically maintain the facilities at every Flix location, from cosmetics to equipment repairs and ongoing preventative maintenance. They are responsible for keeping the “machine” that is Flix Brewhouse tuned-up and polished. The TST is available to help make the lives of everyone else who works at a Flix Brewhouse location easier and better by making sure that the tools and equipment the staff requires to operate are functioning as intended. They are the support that our team needs to succeed in delivering on the Flix Gold Standard.

Within the next few months, we will be rolling out a new program that will better define the role and place that the TST plays at Flix Brewhouse and introducing a new program called Asset Essentials that will help create better work flow. This program is referred to as a CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) and it will play a major part in how work orders are processed and tracked, as well as give us more insight on all equipment used in each Flix unit. We will also create a tiered tech training program that will allow them to progress in their knowledge in projection and facilities management. New uniforms will also be introduced, as well as a few more items to define the TST role at Flix and set it apart as its own functional department.

TSTs are a crucial part of each Flix Brewhouse in maintaining not only the physical plant but also the brand image of the company. Given their importance, I’d like to take a moment to introduce you to them. They may not be known by everyone but their work is seen by all.

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