A G.R.E.A.T. Future

27 Jun A G.R.E.A.T. Future

By: Scott Lewandowski, Assistant General Manager, Flix Brewhouse, Carmel

Beginning with all I learned during orientation, to truly understanding what the company’s G.R.E.A.T. values mean, I could not be prouder to be an integral part of Flix Brewhouse. It is so refreshing to work with like-minded individuals who are all focused on the objective of becoming the Gold Standard entertainment experience in the United States. Flix Brewhouse offers the opportunity to become a happy member of a new family, where we respect and help one another. When one of us is down, we offer a hand. When we succeed, we all do it together. But I am mostly excited about this company’s exciting future and my role in it.

In May, I attended the first annual Flix Brewhouse Assistant GM summit where I learned exactly what the future looks like for the company. I’m genuinely excited about the leadership pathway that was outlined, showing us how we will ultimately develop to become future Flix Brewhouse General Managers, which is the expectation. All of the responsibilities, knowledge required and importantly, character traits that this company is looking for were detailed for us so that it would be simple to understand how we will ultimately become unit general managers.

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It is electrifying to be a part of a concept that is so well regarded and which is expanding to multiple new locations over the next few years. As we witness Flix-Nation take over America, there will be many interesting new positions in different places available to us. Knowing that we all have so much future potential within Flix Brewhouse is stimulating and keeps me invested and driven to become a better leader. It pushes me to continually outperform prior results by constantly striving for better sales and labor numbers, execution, efficiency, cleanliness etc. And, I’m motivated by and excited about the possibility of one day calling a new Flix Brewhouse in a different city my new home.

What a great time to be a team member at Flix! The future is bright, the direction is clear and it is up to us as the future leaders of the company to make the most of our opportunity. We only have ourselves to blame if we fail in this regard. Cheers!!!!!

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