Memories Made Daily

27 Jun Memories Made Daily

By: : Jeremy Mays, Assistant General Manager, Flix Brewhouse, Round Rock

Do I like movies? Yes? Do I like the idea of being a part of something great from the beginning? Yes! Do I like to inspire a team to be greater than they believe they can be? Do I like craft beer? Umm yes, yes and YES!

Creating a culture is the most intriguing thing about being a part of the Flix brand. The Company is about to grow even more quickly, but before we do that we have been working hard at building a culture of excellence and it starts with us here and now. I love being involved with team members and coaching our team to reach new heights in every facet of their careers. The most enjoyable thing is to create something special and watch it bloom into awesome people which allows us to share our happiness.

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Flix has provided me with an opportunity to be an integral part of its evolution as a dine-in cinema brewpub, which is second to none in the industry. We are pioneers of our craft, both literally and figuratively. Being a part of something ground breaking is an experience that many wish for but never get a chance to experience.   So I was not going to miss being on board while Flix Brewhouse grows from four theaters to 15 over the next 4 years. There is so much hands-on learning that we as assistant general managers get to be involved with as the Company grows that is absolutely pivotal to our collective growth as leaders. We are on the front lines and get to work out all the kinks and, importantly, learn every single way that a task can be handled incorrectly and then the best way to get it right. There are so many opportunities for us here at Flix Brewhouse and more doors will open for us all as we continue to grow. What more could we ask for?

Finally, we get to create memories daily. As an organization one thing that I am very impressed with is our ability to properly reward our team members and to express our gratitude for work well done. Our job as young leaders is to create memories for our guests, but it all begins with creating memories daily with the talented team members we engage with every day. These individuals spend more time with us than their families or friends, so it is vital that we keep this fact in mind as we work tirelessly to make the Flix Brewhouse experience as memorable for our team members as it is for guests.

I am so proud to be a big part of an awesome culture and I look forward to seeing us take it to our competition and to climbing to even higher heights than we expected.

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